Driving habits are inevitable. The more you drive, the more driving habits you develop and you need to be considerate of the behaviour of your car as not all these habits you do is healthy for your car.

Here are six driving habits that might make you visit the mechanic too often than you should and as a result punch your pocket with avoidable expenses.

  • Refueling only when the tank is almost empty. When the car is not in use, the dirt in the fuel settles to the bottom of the tank, it then find its way into the filter and fuel pump causing damage. The pump gets fuel from the fuel tank and sends it to the engine. Especially during  harmattan, always leave your tank half filled to avoid formation of large amounts of condensate. Instead of spending money to work on your filter and pump, refuel when you’re half way gone.
  • Frequent braking. Try to keep your distance while driving especially in traffic because of the healthiness of your brake pads. Change the brake hoses and keep your eye on the brake fluid level. Braking is a skill to be mastered too!
  • Resting your hand on the gear stick. Many drivers have the habit of resting their hand on the gear stick while driving, this is so wrong and shouldn’t be done because both hands are modeled to steer but even if you wouldn’t use both hands to steer, one shouldn’t be mounting pressure on the gear stick since it can affect your gear box and give problems with gear shifts.
  • Ignoring suspicious sounds. Noises can indicate malfunction, more like a warning before it goes all bad; so when you hear any odd sound, take action immediately. Pay attention to your car.
  • Neglecting use of hand brake. When parking your car, after applying brake, place your gear on park, P and use your hand brake to immobilize your vehicle. That is the proper way to park, take note of this.
  • Keeping your foot on the brake while driving downhill. Many drivers do this in order to be ready to stop while sliding down a slope. This lead to brake system overheating and also wear and tear of break pads. the right thing to do is shift to a lower gear and indicate engine braking. This is the hack car racers use, you can too!


Cultivate good driving habits and save yourself that frequent visit to the mechanic.