Toyota Land Cruiser which is Toyota’s iconic SUV got a new addition recently. The LC J300 series is a replacement of the old 200 Series and is supposedly the end of the Land Cruiser…for now. After the review of the price, features, and specifications of the vehicle, it doesn’t seem like a good choice to end this very loved SUV.

There are 8 things that are worthy of note about the new J300

  1. It will not be sold in the UK, EU, or the US.
  2. The 2021 model will be the last for the current 200-Series model, maybe the iconic SUV will resurface, or maybe it will be another case of Celia and Supra.
  3. The redesigned Land Cruiser rides on a new GA-F platform that saves 441 pounds compared to the outgoing model.

4. It marks an end to the V8 engine. It is either powered by a 304-hp turbodiesel V6 or a brand new twin-turbo V6 making horsepower of 409.

5. Both engines use a 10-speed Direct Shift Automatic Transmission and a standard 4-Wheel Drive.

6. Wheel articulation is improved with the new electronic version of Toyota’s Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System that allows the stabilizer bars to be disconnected for maximum independent wheel movement off-road and reconnected for a stable ride on smooth tarmac.

7. The new LC also now employs the automaker’s Multi-Terrain Select system, which automatically adjusts systems settings and performance based on the road surface, and the Multi-Terrain Monitor, a camera that aids in accurate wheel placement on trails and avoidance of obstructions.

8. Toyota Land Cruiser J300 will go on sale this summer in places like the Middle East, which happens to be one of the top markets for the SUV. Over 10.4 million Land Cruisers have been sold in 170 countries since its launch in 1951 and the new one seems like the nicest yet…as it should be.

I think this redesigned LC J300 looks more like a Nissan Patrol, nonetheless, fans and lovers of Toyota Land Cruiser will definitely love this J300; but what do you think about its restricted sale and this being the last we may see of the SUV LC?