As Nigerians, we don’t need a soothsayer telling us about the inflation we are currently experiencing. You will agree with me that the only things unaffected by inflation are the free things of this world such as air…even bottled water is now at least 70 naira.

We’ve noticed how expensive tyres are now in the market, the cost for buying a China-produced tyre now would have conveniently bought you an “original” tyre before the pandemic.
Two of our suppliers who import tyres directly have closed their warehouse for months to us and to thousands of others…

What could be responsible? Something about rubber plantation? COVID-19? Inflation? Or the combination of the three?

While we try to understand what’s happening, you should drive carefully to enjoy the durability of your tyres and spares…oh! sometimes, there is no such thing as driving carefully in the devilish potholes on Nigerian roads🙁